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Developing and recognizing great people

Developing and recognizing great people is something I love. Window Book has been growing since 1988 by hiring creative, knowledgeable people with industry expertise and the desire to deliver value to Window Book’s clients.

Lloyd Moss joined Window Book in 1998 when we acquired ABS Software. There isn’t anyone I know that has more knowledge of the technical postal issues like Mail.dat® and PostalOne!® as well as the full breadth of Window Book software and consulting solutions like Lloyd Moss. Lloyd has come up with literally thousands of excellent user enhancements, solved hundreds of clients’ mailing issues, and contributed to our industry in many ways. One of Lloyd’s passions is process improvement. He’s focused on providing the means to dramatically streamline and automate the whole edocs process while improving mailer compliance with a growing number of USPS program requirements.

Rob Dorre was an early user of at his prior job, where they showed a savings of $750 per week because of PostalWeb automation. Since being hired by Lloyd full time in 2015, Rob has been feverously defining the new enhancements for PostalWeb and eDM10x based on his interaction with Window Book clients. His multiple roles at a major mail service provider gives Rob unique perspective as to the value these products can deliver and how a mailer can best utilize them.

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