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Jeff Peoples is an accomplished entrepreneur who achieved significant success in the field of exponential business. He founded Window Book in 1988, a software company that played a crucial role in enabling numerous businesses to save billions of dollars on mailing, shipping, logistics, and compliance costs. After leading Window Book for several decades from its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jeff successfully sold the company in 2022. With a background in economics and expertise in artificial intelligence, he is recognized as a renowned public speaker and an investor in companies and technologies that aim to make a positive impact on the world. Jeff currently resides in Florida, where he is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential by leveraging technology and services that provide greater freedom in terms of time and financial resources.

Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavors, Jeff has diversified his interests and accomplishments. He has ventured into the real estate sector, establishing Peoples Realty, and has also established strong connections within the exponential technology and artificial intelligence community. He is an active participant in the Abundance 360 Mastermind and engages with multiple business growth groups, including the Board of Advisers. In addition to his professional pursuits, Jeff deeply values his spiritual beliefs and maintains a close association with With his extensive experience, diverse expertise, and commitment to personal and business growth, Jeff Peoples is poised to make a lasting impact in the realms of entrepreneurship, technology, and investment.

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