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Freedom, More Freedom. Last month I wrote that I love freedom and creating more freedom for our clients. I wrote that it’s at the root of America and that the way we create freedom at Window Book is by increasing productivity by automating job functions that can be done by software and machines.

I did get some comments that automation will eliminate jobs and increase unemployment. That is not what I see from the 27+ years we have been doing this type of work at Window Book. When we automate a task, we find that the person that was doing those tasks often 1) Now has a lot of time to do other work 2) They usually do not get fired because at most businesses there is typically no shortage of work at the end of the day 3) They often are assigned additional job functions that can’t be automated now and get paid better for doing it 4) They spend more of their time doing higher value work 5) The company becomes more profitable.

The way I see it, the more we can create ways for software and machines to automate and replace tasks that have historically required people to spend their valuable time doing, the more freedom those people will have to be engaged in more productive activities to make themselves and their companies more profitable. The more they can do higher level work like working with other people, servicing other people, and knowledge work the better.

Trying to stop this natural process, like the Luddites tried to years ago is a waste of time. More freedom is at the core of automating systems and what we're doing for our clients at Window Book. To get that freedom we increase productivity. With more productivity you have the time and money freedom to pursue higher and greater goals, and that is something I love.

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