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Site visits to our wonderful existing clients and big mailers

I've now been doing dozens of site visits to our wonderful existing clients and mailers, who are looking for better systems, and I love it. I get to show them trends that are in the industry, how to utilize those trends so they can compete better, how they can grow and prosper with better utilization of Window Book’s new technologies (there is so much new technology being delivered each month). There are so many clients now doing so many unique things. I also learn a lot about how they’re using our technology in new ways. By having fantastic conversations, we create even better ways of working together. Much of our new functionality comes from these visits. Some wonderful people I've had the pleasure to visit include:

The team here at Window Book regularly participates in key industry and technology events and meetings, such as National Postal Forum (NPF), National Association on Presort Mailers (NAPM), Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), Idealliance, Abundance 360 (future of technology events) and many more. This enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of the most recent changes and trends in the industry and in technology to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of solutions for our clients, protecting and preparing them for the challenges ahead.

If you'd like to have me come out and talk about some of the industry trends and how you and your organization can prosper with knowledge about how the best companies are growing and thriving -- even though total annual US mail volumes may diminish -- please contact my wonderful executive assistant, Katherine, at or (617) 395-4531 to request a visit.

The future is better than we think, but different than we think.

Let’s connect and create at a higher level.

Jeff with Tommy Masucci and Lisa Peralta of Prompt Direct on Staten Island, NY

Call 800-524-0380 and mention “July 2018 Newsletter” to get this 60-day free use PostalWeb or text “PostalWeb” to (617) 395-4531.

You’ll be happy you did.

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