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Blockchain-Based Advertising and Transforming the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value D

As an original member of Abundance 360 ( Peter Diamandis’ conference on the exponential technologies that are disrupting and changing our world, I get introduced to many emerging technologies. One of these technologies is blockchain-based advertising. See Peter’s description of blockchain along with many other informative videos on Facebook here:

Thankfully, real physical mail is going to be around for a long time because you can get to every address on any day, and it gets around the digital marketing overwhelm (do you notice how many emails you filter out vs. how many you actually read?).

With the advent of additional technologies like USPS Informed Delivery®, the ability to link people to new digital technologies through good old real physical mail is now better than ever. Hopefully you have signed up for Informed Delivery®. If not, visit their web page here:

Would you like to learn more about how DAT-MAIL helps mailers get more from Informed Delivery®? We held a webinar recently, and that video can be viewed any time here:

Would you also like to learn more about how the combination of Informed Delivery® and blockchain-based advertising can help mailers get more from the mail? I spoke about this at a PCC Week event in Baltimore following a talk by Jim Cochran, USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Sales Officer and Executive Vice-President. See the video here:

Though blockchain-based advertising and marketing is in its infancy, much like the internet was back in 1996, this is real and will change advertising and marketing. I have invested in this through the pre-initial public offering of the company, BlockV ( and am planning to make it so Window Book clients can have earlier and better access to this technology as it becomes easy and economical to use. If you are interested in the blockchain-based advertising shift or want to know how you can use Informed Delivery® to deliver better value in the mail, feel free to reach out to my assistant, Katherine Griffin, (617-395-4531) to set up an appointment with me. Discover how Informed Delivery® and blockchain-based advertising can make a difference in your mailing service!

To your organization’s growth and prosperity!

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