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PostalVision 2020: Collaborating and Creating a Better Future Postal Industry Vision

As a keynote speaker at PostalVision 2020 in Washington, DC on April 4-5, I loved presenting, collaborating and participating in creating a better future vision for the postal industry. There were too many fantastic speakers, panelists and participants to mention them all in this article, but I will highlight a few of them below. I will also share with you links to learn more about my vision for the industry or to tell me what you’d like to see in your future vision of our industry. There are many views and ways for us to build a future vision that is sustainable and has a better outcome than if we don’t collaborate.

John Callan created PostalVision 2020 and is such a statesman. He has put in enormous effort and expense over the last 8 years to bring an esteemed and diverse group of experts from around the world together every year to discuss, collaborate and create a better vision for the whole postal industry. John is the co-founder of Ursa Major Associates>, thought leaders to the world of postal-parcel-express logistics.

John Hagel, leader and renowned speaker, of Deloitte’s “Center for The Edge” Silicon Valley think-tank: John gave a keynote that made me think about sustainable flows of information in an ever-changing world.

Gary Reblin, USPS VP of Product Innovation, was part of the distinguished panel for the PostalPitch Start-Up competition. Members judged entries from start-up entrepreneurs working to transform the global postal-parcel-logistics-delivery ecosystem.

Some of the Things I Love

Paul Misener, Amazon’s Vice President for Global Innovation Policy and Communications. Paul did great job of inspiring

me in describing how Amazon keeps a culture of innovation.

Steve Monteith, VP Marketing at USPS, discussed the integration of digital and physical platforms with Informed Delivery.

Brody Buhler, Global Managing Director, Post and Parcel industry for Accenture. Brody is very bright. Brody has worked with leading post and parcel organizations and has deep experience in digital, sales, marketing, mail and parcel tracking and revenue protection programs.

Maynard H. Benjamin is CAE President and CEO of the EMA Foundation as well as a published author.

The Hon. Dan Blair is Senior Counselor and Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center and an internationally-recognized expert and leader in public policy and administration.

The Hon. David C. Williams is the Inspector General for the U.S. Postal Service and serves as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University School of Public Policy and Government.

Hamilton Davison, President & Executive Director, American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA), a group he co-founded after catalog mailers were hit with huge postage increases in 2007.

Ian Kerr is founder of The Postal Hub Podcast, a program featuring interviews with leaders and influencers in the postal and parcel worlds. Ian and I sat down for a recent interview.

Check out the catalog of fascination conversations at

Elmar Toime is Chairman of the technology company, Postea Group, and a non-executive director of Qatar Post. He is an experienced and independent advisor to the postal sector.

Jamie Siminoff, Founder & Chief Inventor of Ring, gave a fascinating presentation. What an inspiration and what a great dad! Learn more about Jamie and read some of the wonderful stories sent in by his customers:

Kathy Siviter is the Asst. Executive Director of the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) as well as Director of Community & Brand Development for PostalVision 2020 and Ursa Major Associates. Kathy did an amazing job with this year’s PostalVision 2020! She is well-known in the postal community for her consulting work and brings a wealth of knowledge on postal issues as well as a passion for innovation. Kathy has two 3-D printers at home, including one of the first ever available!

Glenn Lombino is the CEO & Founder of DTP (Digital to Print), is a pioneer in the global hybrid print and mail space, and DTP is considered the global leader in the distributive print marketspace.

Sverker Lindbo is Head of Concept Development, Ocado, the world’s largest dedicated online grocer and is co-inventor on numerous patents and patent applications. He served as an advisor to the Swedish Minister for Transport and Communications and worked on postal deregulation in Sweden.

Santosh Gopal is Founder & CEO of Ship2MyID, a patented platform that enables real goods to be shipped using digital addresses.

Pierce Myers is Executive Vice President & Counsel for the Parcel Shippers Association (PSA). He is a recipient of the Postmaster Generals prestigious Partnership for Progress award and has spent 25 years working on Capitol Hill and at the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

I gave a keynote on how the price for computing will continually get less expensive, and people will get more expensive. Therefore, we’re going to have to automate more and more information systems. Anything that can be done by an automated system should be done by an automated system to free people up and increase their productivity level so they can do higher level work.

Visit and to see presentations, interviews, and recordings from this year’s PostalVision 2020 event.

If you would like to connect and talk about how we can work together to grow and prosper in the postal industry for years to come as our industry changes, please reach out to my assistant, Katherine Griffin at or (617) 395-4531 and schedule some time to meet and talk. Let’s connect and prosper together.

Call 800-524-0380 and mention “May 2018 Newsletter” to get this 60-day free use PostalWeb or text “PostalWeb” to (617) 395-4531.

You’ll be happy you did.

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