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Connecting Clients to Logistics Services

Getting clients better access to great logistic services while reducing costs and improving in-home delivery for our clients’ mail is something I love.

Many of our clients use drop shipping to achieve postal discounts and to better control in-home delivery. We have been adding many enhancements to DAT-MAIL to directly connect with logistics providers, such as LSC (formerly part of RR Donnelley) and Truck Direct Mail (Direct Logistics). As with all Window Book automation tools, the goal here is allow users to streamline their processes by reducing the number of processing steps and the amount of time spent. By connecting directly to logistics providers right from DAT-MAIL, many steps for communicating shipping data, getting quotes, booking shipments, participating in copalletization and consolidation pools, etc. can be reduced. Not to mention that this logistics data is now integrated into the job in DAT-MAIL, allowing easy accessibility and modification if needed. Post-presort is the best place to perform analysis, as mail from multiple jobs can be combined for better density (lower costs) and better control.

Things change rapidly in mailing operations, so having the ability to manage drop shipments for partial mailings, moving pallets from consolidation to LTL to improve delivery time, or adding/pulling jobs from consolidation/copal pools quickly and easily is critical. Making these changes efficiently is really only possible with post-presort software, so our clients who need this flexibility are thrilled with our new enhancements. We are starting with basic services, such as being able to submit data to obtain quotes for LTL shipments through Truck Direct Mail and copal for LSC/RR Donnelley. Our phased approach for enhancing this logistic connectivity includes recent enhancements to the ability to submit multiple jobs for a quote (pooling), as well as connection to order entry systems and other new programs that logistics providers are implementing. These options will make it much easier for clients to use DAT-MAIL to get the best mailing and transportation options, saving them many thousands of dollars all while getting better services, tighter control of in-home dates, and making the whole process easier from a documentation and integration standpoint.

Delivering this kind of value to clients is definitely something I love, and we’ve really just begun to build out our roadmap. There is much more to come as we continue our path with enhanced logistics connections.

We've been giving webinars on this subject, and we also have a new white paper on drop shipping. If you have a logistics provider that you want to integrate with, please contact us. We’d love to add connectivity to their services in DAT-MAIL.

There are many choices to make for optimizing logistics, but the beauty of DAT-MAIL post presort is that you can be much more nimble by adding or removing jobs or individual entry points from submissions to logistics providers. You can easily shift mail from one provider to another if one of your lower cost services that takes a little bit longer needs to be increased in speed. There's all sorts of new options in the works, and we highly encourage you to learn more with our webinars and white papers.

Contact us at 1-800-524-0380 to learn about our new connectivity with Truck Direct Mail and our enhanced interface with LCS/RR Donnelley logistics for consolidation and copal services.

So as best you can, please follow those links, contact us for more details, and get savings. It’s all about getting better service and a greater number of options as the logistics industry transforms. You need to get the best service at the best rate, but also the easiest, most efficient way. Get started today by contacting us at 1-800-524-0380 to experience the Truck Direct Mail and LSC/RR Donnelley connections in DAT-MAIL and you will wonder how you did without it.

Call 800-524-0380 and mention “August 2018 Newsletter” to get this 60-day free use PostalWeb or text “PostalWeb” to (617) 395-4531.

You’ll be happy you did.

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