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Annual Review of Accomplishments

As we recently closed out another fiscal year, I love reviewing and acknowledging all that we have accomplished. I am proud to provide the following as just a few examples of what we have achieved throughout the year:

  • Converted ALL of our clients (over 1,000 users) from Pervasive SQLTM to MS-SQLTM , a more updated and prevalent platform in the industry.

  • Delivered hundreds of enhancements to our current solutions and released several new products over the past year.

  • Released YourScoreTM for Mail Service Providers and YourScoreTM for Mail Owners. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of assessments were prevented with the reports from these products that deliver daily reviews of USPS Mailers Scorecards.

  • Released major enhancements to AWAMTM and AWAMTM FM. Thousands of hours of human labor were saved by mailers in 2017 with this solution.

  • Released with all new reporting.

  • Released a new Mail Owner Portal, giving mailers better insight to their business.

  • Released CloudAddressing TM along with subsequent user- and partner-requested enhancements.

  • ·Delivered eDM10X TM enhancements and started a whole new initiative on auto-printing the USPS confirmation pages as well as any finalized postage statements. This also saves mailers hundreds of hours of work and makes these processes more automated and faster than a human can do them.

  • Released a brand new MailDrop Engine that increases the speed for uploads to PostalOne!® by 3x.

There are too many enhancements and new products to be able to cover them all in this column, so feel free to call 800-524-0380 to get a tour of what’s new or use any new or enhanced products. You can get Release Notes with details on enhancement information for each product here:

If you want to connect with me about any of these new solutions, you can set up an appointment by contacting my assistant, Katherine Griffin at (617) 395-4531 or emailing We'll get you to the right people and the right products so you are getting the best possible postage rates, getting better service from the USPS, reducing your labor cost, and having better data automatically integrated into your enterprise.

To your organization’s growth and prosperity!

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