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Reducing Cost & Improving Accuracy with PostalWeb

PostalWeb® <> has greatly expanded its functionality and performance. It now reduces even more costs for mailers, expands the ways that mailers can increase the accuracy of all the finalized PostalOne!® <> postage statements, data and receipts and gives mailers a more secure way by keeping all the important data from PostalOne! on their network, properly named and integrated into your financial reporting systems.

If you’re not using PostalWeb to download postage statements, data and receipts from the PostalOne!® webpage on the United States Postal Service® website, you’re probably wasting money, underutilizing your employees, and leaving your company with unnecessary risks.

Over the last year, Window Book has been expanding the functionality of PostalWeb so that mailers can reduce costs by downloading data from PostalOne!, including all the finalized postage statements, PostalOne! data, and postage receipts, specifically 3607, 3602, 3600, 3541. PostalWeb then properly names and stores the information on your server’s hard drive, and the data from those postage statements and receipts are extracted and placed in a database that’s easily integrated into your financial reporting system. If you aren’t already using this great system, I’m offering you — as a reader of this newsletter — 60 days of free use of PostalWeb so you can experience it for yourself. PostalWeb is a fantastic way to reduce your operating costs and is designed to be more consistent and accurate than people doing the work manually. You’ll have the added security of having all of your important PostalOne! documents accurately and automatically stored locally on your network, and you’ll save a lot of time by having the data properly extracted from all the different reports into one database that you can then automatically integrate into your financial reporting system.

Call 800-524-0380 and mention “April 2018 Newsletter” to get this 60-day free use PostalWeb or text “PostalWeb” to (617) 395-4531.

You’ll be happy you did.

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