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Our First Full Use of Informed Delivery® with the December Newsletter Mailing

After talking and writing about Informed Delivery® for months, I love it that Window Book got certified to fully use Informed Delivery® and that we mailed our December 2017 Newsletter out to thousands of clients with it!

The first fully functional Informed Delivery® project came together so well with Window Book’s products and services. We used CloudAddressing™ for the address hygiene (CASS™), change-of-address update (NCOALink) and presort (PAVE™). We used DAT-MAIL™ to add the required Mail.dat files and data, and we used eDM10x™, Maildrop™ Engine, and AWAM™ to automate the system.

There are many beautiful things about this system. There is value added at no extra USPS® cost to the Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers and no additional costs for the Window Book software to make it easier.

Our newsletter went out as a standard flat, which normally would not get a black-and-white scan from the USPS® because the base system only supports black-and-white scans of letter-size mail at the time of this writing. However, we did get a color image and a clickable link by adding the data to the Mail.dat files.

To learn more about how you can deliver more value to your clients with Informed Delivery® , please take advantage of the following resources:

Window Book Informed Delivery® White paper:

Window Book Informed Delivery® webinar:

Read our latest White Paper on Informed Delivery®. Make sure that your whole team has Informed Delivery® activated for mail coming to their home.

Informed Delivery® can add a lot of value to your clients’ mail and help them make the connection between their physical and digital marketing efforts. Make sure your mail production team gets certified for Informed Delivery® or if you are a Mail Owner, make sure your Mail Service Provider is certified with USPS®.

If you would like even more help, simply call us up so we can coach you through the process of getting your systems up and running on Informed Delivery® with full-color images and clickable links.

To your success!

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