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New Ways to Bring Value and Relevance to the Mail: USPS Informed Delivery

The Postal Service is moving Informed Delivery out of the test phase it has been in for months into national availability in April and May. Now people can see what’s coming in their mailbox today, and mailers can deliver an image and a link so the recipient can act on the mail even before it is delivered.

The USPS has been doing its best to add value to mail and make sure it stays relevant in an increasingly electronic world. Mailers want to get the benefits of direct mail while connecting with people on their mobile devices. I think it makes sense for all mailers to sign up to start seeing this new service in action for the mail coming into their home. You can do that here:

The next step is to start loading their Mail.dat files with links to images and landing pages that will help the recipient. This is made possible through a new Mail.dat record called the Referenceable Mail Record or RMR file. Of course, Window Book’s DAT-MAIL supports the Mail.dat files that are used to upload the links to the USPS PostalOne!.

Let’s work together and help mailers get more value from the mail they send and help recipients get more value from the mail they receive. Registering for Informed Delivery at your home will help you understand the value of the program. By offering the added images and links to your mailing customers, you will help them get more from the mailing service you provide them. It all adds up to more value in the mail.

For more information: check out the Informed Delivery FAQ’s at

If you have ideas that you would like us to bring to the USPS or other industry leaders, please contact me.

(617) 395-4520

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