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Journaling and Writing (by hand, on paper, with a pen...)

Yes, I love technology and how it improves our lives, but when it comes to my daily journaling and writing about what I am grateful for, what future I would love to create; I write by hand with paper and pen. This is a practice I have done for years. I find getting up early, before the rest of my family gets up, and writing for 10 to 90 minutes is a great way to start the day. And, yes, writing before going to sleep at night about some successes you have seen during that day is also a great practice.

So, if you are not doing this or you haven’t done this as much as think you should… then give it some more of your precious time and attention as you can get great benefit from this practice. When you read your own writing over time, you’ll be able to see how your thoughts, ideas, feelings, insights and what you were appreciative of or were grateful for years ago, effected the results you have in your life now. I think you’ll find a correlation between what you really appreciate and what you have grown more of in your life.

So if you agree, join me in taking some time on a regular basis (perhaps daily) and write out in your journal what you love, what you are grateful for, and see how many things you write about, by hand, come about.

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