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Learning & Expanding my Understanding

I love learning, expanding my understanding and growing deeper conscious abilities. Every time I set aside the time and apply myself to achieving a deeper understanding in and around a specific topic I grow my abilities and realize a great satisfaction, even if the process is frustrating and/or confusing.

I love that I can relatively quickly grow my understanding and ability in an area that others have invested years or decades learning. This learning time compression is a great advantage in managing my time. Two key factors in growing my abilities are deciding where to focus my learning and identifying the depth of the learning I want to achieve. When choosing where to focus, I usually choose something that is core to my long term intentions. For the depth of learning, sometimes it is fun to get a quick survey of an area; yet I know for myself a steady diet of just doing survey learning does not get me the depth of growth I need. Digging in deeply, studying a topic over time is usually where I get the most satisfaction.

Yes, there is a cost, an investment of your precious time, money and effort in learning and growing your ability. That cost is small compared to the cost of ignorance and not advancing your understanding and ability. I believe learning is at the core of intelligent growth and prosperity.

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