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Some of the Things I Love: New Technologies That Save Our Client’s Money and Time

I love the technology that can make changes for the better by saving our clients’ money and time and give them more freedom.

Recently, Window Book released four new technologies that help our clients deal with USPS requirements to get the best postal rates and service:

By4Validate allows mailers to quickly validate and verify the mail owner identification in their mail.dat files prior to PostalOne! submission, even when those files identify hundreds of mail owners. It also validates any Non-Profit Authorization (NPA) number present for non-profit mail. This will help mailers improve their Mailer Scorecard scores and avoid the unpleasantness that happens when an invalid NPA is used for a non-profit mailing.

PostalWeb® Mega Report enables mailers that use PostalWeb to automate delivery of their PostalOne! postage statements to create and run custom reports on their PostalOne! postage data. This goes above and beyond any reporting available in PostalOne!. The reports can be viewed on screen or be used to create PDF and Excel files to provide valuable accounting and decision-support data for any mailer using PostalWeb.

PostalWeb® Mail Owner Portal gives Mailer Owners the ability to easily access all the power of PostalWeb reporting and access postage data. It’s great technology that allows mail owners to see all their mailings across all their mail service providers.

Your-Score-Card-For™ Mailers is now being piloted to automatically deliver Mailer Scorecards to mailers daily. It will also include alerts that will tell the recipient at-a-glance what they had better be paying attention to. The automated delivery of this information will lower the cost and time needed to comply with USPS program requirements.

What I love about each of these tools is that they are easier to use than anything you can get from the USPS; they let our clients do what they do best and eliminate some of the hassles of running a mailing operation. These tools also enable our clients to intelligently grow and prosper more than they could without using this technology.

You can learn more about getting a free analysis or demonstration by e-mailing or calling 800-524-0380.

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