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Adding More Great Leaders To Your Service

Growing and adding more great leaders to serve clients even better is something I really love.

Window Book has been adding even more great leaders to our team to expand and serve our clients even better. Recently, we added two amazing industry veterans with many years of experience, Dylan Purse and Bob Schattke. Dylan and Bob will lead and expand the value we deliver to clients.

Dylan is Window Book’s new Senior Vice President of Operations and reports to Steve Lopez (COO). With our expanding product lines, Dylan will coordinate all the product lines and make sure the best software and services are delivered on time and supported well. Dylan joins Window Book with deep experience in product management, managing large service teams, managing technical development (agile processes) and interfacing with product strategy. Dylan’s previous employers include Experian, Gray Hair Software and BCC Software.

Bob joined Window Book April 2016 as a Senior Architect. Bob has been involved with Presort for many years, including creating the first USPS pallets and one of the first selective binding systems when he was at Time. He’s now leading our Development Team on our presort eVS solutions for EII and for other industry leaders who want to integrate eVS into their parcel software as a better solution than PC postage. Bob also has extensive experience with CASS and NCOA, both at Experian and BCC Software, and has extensive experience designing high volume systems (billions of records processed per day), both with traditional technologies and newer ones like Hadoop. His deep knowledge of USPS processes and the entire mail preparation stream will be a big asset for Window Book development in new products, especially cloud-based and Linux solutions. Bob will report to Dylan Purse.

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