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Some of the Things I Love: More New Technologies That Save Our Clients Time and Work

I love the technology that can make changes for the better by saving our clients time and work and give them more freedom -- especially when it is free to existing DAT-MAIL and eDM10x users! For years, I have heard complaints about mailers not liking how they must download and configure the USPS MDR/MDX client software so often. They’ve said the performance is too slow and it’s too hard to use. So, I decided to do something about it. We put a great team together to analyze the problems mailers were having, and we came up with a solution that is free to all our DAT-MAIL and eDM10X clients. Window Book released Mail Drop and Mail Drop Server in October 2016. I encourage all DAT-MAIL and eDM10X users to install MailDrop now, as this new technology will help deal with USPS PostalOne! changes and make working with PostalOne! much more efficient.

The Mail Drop Engine runs on your server, and Mail Drop runs on each workstation you want to mail from.

What I love about each of these tools is that they are easier to use than anything you can get from the USPS. Plus, they make what you do need from the USPS easier to update and use. These tools also enable our clients to intelligently grow and prosper more than they could without using this technology.

Download MailDrop now:

You can learn more about getting a free analysis or demonstration by e-mailing or by calling 800-524-0380.

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