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DAT-MAIL MS SQL Conversion

In 2016 Window Book invested heavily in the DAT-MAIL MS SQL conversion. Now that the conversion is complete, we’ve turned our attention in 2017 to investing in more than 100 SQL optimizations to make DAT-MAIL more reliable and perform better. Here are just some of the areas that we have been working on:

  1. On the DAT-MAIL Statements side, reports and browses with browse totals and counts have been updated.

  2. Improvements have been made in Reporting and Exporting, including the following Reports: Mailing Summary Recap, Rate Summary (Standard) and XML Export, Itemized Manifest Summary, Batch Manifest, Package Detail, Enhanced Qualification, and the USPS Mailer Daily Log Sheet.

  3. System-wide, we’ve enhanced the performance of these DAT-MAIL functions:

* Tagging/Untagging on PDR/PBC browses

* Advanced Navigator window on status of AWAM

* Statement updater receipt processing

* Split process

* Reset buttons on statement generate window

* PostalOne! Release mail browse

* Delete tray button on CSM view

* Restore to original

* Get PostalOne! status on TMS view

* Tracking jobs and pallets

* Spoilage processing

* Combine trays

* Combine SEG and MPU

* Whittier Tagger import/export

* Delete, Archive, and Close jobs

* Generate unique ID's for pallets and purge old pallet tracking records

* Speed improved on postage statement printing and statement generation

* Tagging on job selection for Multi-Job delete and Merge Mail.dats

* Opening of browses for large jobs.

Hopefully you also love all the optimizations and are benefitting from better performance and reliability. Please send me your thoughts on what you would love to see in the months to come.

If you have ideas that you would like us to bring to the USPS or other industry leaders, please contact me.

(617) 395-4520

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