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Getting great people to join the team

Having great people join our team is something I love. Window Book has been growing since 1988, and over the course of time, we’ve been very fortunate to have great people to join the team. In November 2015, Steve Lopez joined Window Book as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and in February 2016 David Robinson joined as Vice President of Business Development and Channel Management.

Adding great people helps us organize and better optimize the positions for the people we have, enabling us to add even more great people. All so that we have a bigger and better team to serve our mission of creating and delivering more value in our software solutions, with even better service.

Steve has been in our industry for over 25 years and has been a leader at MTAC, PostCom, Experian, BCC, and other excellent industry organizations. Since taking over as COO, Steve has made many organizational changes that have helped us grow sales in the first quarter of our fiscal year at over 30% annualized. He helped bring in top talent like David Robinson and significantly improved organizational structure in some of our software development groups.

David started as the VP of Business Development and Channel Management and has already made a noticeable improvement with some of our partners. He has been in our industry for over 20 years and has been a great leader at organizations like Pitney Bowes, Novatex, PostCom, MTAC, Engineering Innovation, and others. David has already been promoted to VP of Sales and Channel Marketing.

We are investing in great leaders to ensure we deliver more and more value to our clients with better and better software and service so we can promote and enable our clients’ intelligent growth and prosperity. Their great leadership is invigorating our organization and increasing the enjoyment and satisfaction of being part of a team that is growing and prospering. We are also improving the way we are communicating the value of our market leading solutions, attracting more and more mailers that want to increase productivity and reduce operating costs by automating mailing and shipping processes and adopting best practices.

If you are a Window Book client, we are thankful for your continued investment in our relationship and trust you are taking advantage of all of the educational tools and tips that we offer and using these tools and tips to ensure you’re continued success. If you are a potential Window Book client, we encourage you to look into our suite of solutions and get a free consultation specific to the needs of your mailing and / or shipping operations.

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