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Growing People, Products, and Clients

Lloyd Moss

There is a lot of growth and prosperity energy at Window Book, and I love it.

At the National Postal Forum, we launched We drew from our last 6 years of experience with and partnered with Satori to launch simply the most powerful, cost-effective, web-based address hygiene (CASS and NCOALink®) and presort (PAVE) solution with Mail.dat and post-presort functions we know of. There’s no need to install software or updates. Both browser-based and interface-free fully automated versions are available.

The combination of DAT-MAIL, MailDrop, eDM10x, and PostalWeb is taking over the post-presort function at many mailers’ sites right now and has become the most popular post-presort solution available.

Five people have been promoted or are acting in new or bigger roles at Window Book: Tom Leech is now leading the whole DAT-MAIL team; Jeff Berlinghoff heads up the Statements and Rates team. Ron Rusk leads IT and the Builds Management team; Ross Santos is currently the Acting VP of Development; and Monica Lundquist is Acting Product Manager and will be at most MTAC meetings.

Four new employees have joined Window Book in June alone, contributing to our growth in sales, support, software development and product management.

Lloyd Moss, an industry thought leader, rejoined Window Book within the last few weeks as Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. “It’s great to see all the remarkable things that have been accomplished at Window Book while I was gone. It is thrilling to resume my contributions to Window Book’s mission of providing exceptional value to the mailing industry,” says Lloyd.

Hopefully you also love all the growth and prosperity energy at Window Book. Please feel free to connect with Lloyd ( 617-395-4522) and tell him about any problems you need to solve or specific product-related requests. Window Book is growing, adding people and products to serve you, our clients, even better, and I love it. You can also reach out to me on what you would love to see in the months to come.

If you have ideas that you would like us to bring to the USPS or other industry leaders, please contact me.

(617) 395-4520

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