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Cold Showers

Though I don’t love them when I get in, I love them by the time I get out, as well as the effects they have all day.

Addressing the Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Students Club at the Business Experts Forum, I recently spoke to our 125 business experts and students on the benefits of going beyond my comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s an essential practice for succeeding in business and life (view video at

When I was a student in college, I wasn’t as wealthy as I am now. I rented a dilapidated old house (that thankfully was later demolished) we called “The Shanti.” The hot water didn’t always work at The Shanti, so I would often take a cold shower before class so as not to be offensive to my fellow students. I noticed I was more awake, more alive, and even got some better grades.

Years later, I joined my friend Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 community, where 250 exponential entrepreneurs get together each year to meet and discuss the latest exponential technologies that are disrupting and changing our world. One year, Peter introduced an artificial intelligence system that analyzed the characteristics of the 250 invitation-only participants to determine who should meet and most likely do business. The A.I. matched me with Dave Asprey, the founder and CEO of Bulletproof Coffee. Dave has many recommendations on high performance and health (

Talking with Dave, I asked him, “Of all the things you recommend, what would be the best recommendation for me to improve my performance and health?” Dave said, “Cold therapy.” Dave had chosen to buy a cryogenic chamber that uses liquid nitrogen to temporarily cool his body and get the health and performance benefits. I chose cold showers. After talking with Dave, I switched to 100% cold showers, no matter where I go around the world.

I perform better at work, delivering my value to my team and clients. I’m also healthier, so I can create and deliver more value longer. Although it’s beyond my comfort zone, every morning when I hop in the shower, the benefits (better health, better performance, less water use, less energy use, lower carbon footprint, delivering more value to my family and team) far outweigh the temporary discomfort of the cold water. If you would like to learn how your team can perform better, produce more in less time -- even without taking a cold shower -- contact my wonderful assistant, Katherine Griffin ( to schedule a mailing optimization analysis where we can show you how you can save $10,000 in 50 minutes or we will give you $1,200 worth of software for free!

To your organization’s growth and prosperity!

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